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Raises for CA Minimum Wage Workers!

By Thomas Lee

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News on September 30, 2013:

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Wednesday a bill making California's minimum wage the highest in the country -- a needed step, he said, toward addressing the growing gap between rich and poor.

"The social fabric is being ripped apart," Brown told supporters at an Oakland job training center. "Today we sew that fabric just a little tighter together."

The law, which passed with strong majorities in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, will increase the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $9 next July and $10 by January 2016.

Brown said it will provide raises for more than 1 million workers and put more than $2 million into the pockets of the state's neediest residents "Nothing could be simpler, clearer or more moral than this," he said. --

This is a true victory for California employees. Although the raise seems modest to some, let's not forget the legal ramifications that come with the new minimum wage rates. This is not just a raise, but rather an expansion of legal rights and protections that are long overdue to hardworking California families!

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